High Quality, Professional Video Surveillance

King Technology, Inc. (KingTech) partnered with AXIS Companion to provide easy to use, high quality, professional video surveillance for your home or business.

We offer a wide variety of security camera installation services to fit your home and business needs. Video surveillance solutions deter break-ins, burglaries, vandalism, and destruction of valuable information. They help ensure your family, your business and your belongings are safe and secure.

Let us complete a free project assessment to determine the needs of your home or business, and work with you to a video surveillance solution that’s right for your unique application! HD, IP, wireless or CCTV.

Video Surveillance Offerings:

• Project Consulting
• Keep Your Home & Family Safe
• Protect Your Investments & Valuables
• Guard Against Theft & Reduce Lose
• Improve Employee Productivity & Safety
• Capture Ultra Clear Images with HD Video
• Wide range of HD IP cameras
• Advanced low-light performance
• Outdoor & Indoor Applications
• Remote & mobile viewing apps
• Capture, Record & Store Important Video Evidence
• We’ll Install & Setup Your Video Security System

Our Video Surveillance Cameras range from all-weather night vision vandal proof cameras to indoor panoramic views. You can view your cameras remotely anytime anywhere with internet access making it easy to take your security on the go.

Our experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business, and work with you to determine a comprehensive security system.
We offer complete system integration with business technologies to help meet your security requirements, our technology engineers are knowledgeable in video security applications & IT expertise. IP Video Surveillance Cameras allowing them to effectively configure your camera system for maximum potential.

Let King Technology create a custom-designed video security system for your home or business. We have experience safeguarding homes and businesses of all sizes in a varieties:

• Residential Homes
• Farms
• Interior Nanny & Gram Cams
• Vacation Homes
• Grocery Stores
• Laundry Mats
• Restaurants & Bar’s
• Banks
• Law Enforcement Agencies
• Convenience Stores
• Storage Sites
• Hospitals
• Construction Sites

King Technology, Inc. (KingTech) provides competent, reliable and prompt service.

Call KingTech when your computer, server, or network is having problems.
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service professionals, with flexible and affordable
hourly and per-incident service terms.

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IT Consulting Services


Network Analysis, Optimization and Security (Routing and Switching), Server Installation, Configuration and Support, End-User PC/Laptop Installation and Support, Secure Managed Exchange, Day to Day Software Installation and Support, Virtualization Solutions, Off-Site Data Storage (The Cloud), Managed Services with Real Time Updates and Alerts, Disaster Recovery