IT Consulting Services

King Technology, Inc. (KingTech) can accommodate your business by utilizing a comprehensive process that helps us identify the necessary components for an IT Managed Services Plan that will streamline your business operations and increase network and system reliability. We help you choose the amount and type of support you need, which allows you to maintain optimum performance while controlling costs.

Recovery Planning and Solutions

KingTech will analyze your network and the data that travels across it to provide a comprehensive plan for implementation of new networked equipment or streamlining of your current configuration. This is to keep the traffic coming in and out of your network moving as fast and efficiently as possible whilst minimizing downtime and increasing the productivity of your devices.

Security and Virus Protection

KingTech is very conscious of security and the role it plays in the very dangerous world of today’s networks. We understand that your data is valuable and should be protected and safe from cyber threats. That is why we use the best tools for the job including firewalls to keep threats from entering your network and anti-virus software that automatically quarantines files with malicious intent.

Helpdesk & Support

KingTech professionals are experts in regards to problems experienced during the day-to-day operation of electronic devices. Excellent customer service is our main goal. This is why we provide fast and reliable support (Remote & On-Site) to any issue your business may be experiencing. We also take time to educate your users why these issues arise and implement preventative measures to keep them from happening again.

King Technology, Inc. (KingTech) provides competent, reliable and prompt service.

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IT Consulting Services


Network Analysis, Optimization and Security (Routing and Switching), Server Installation, Configuration and Support, End-User PC/Laptop Installation and Support, Secure Managed Exchange, Day to Day Software Installation and Support, Virtualization Solutions, Off-Site Data Storage (The Cloud), Managed Services with Real Time Updates and Alerts, Disaster Recovery